Producer: Choose your Star v1.98 Mod APK Download for Android

Producer APK İndir

Producer APK indir! En yeni ve güncel Simülasyon oyunlarını indirebilir ve ücretsiz oynayabilirsiniz.

Producer APK İndir

Eşsiz kombinler tasarlamaya hazır olun. Producer APK’da en iyi stilist olmaya çalışacağız.

Mobil simülasyon oyunlarına yeni katılan Producer APK oyuncularına yapımcı olma ve kendi yıldızını yatarsa fırsatı veriyor. Amrita Studio tarafından geliştirilen ve ücretsiz olarak mobil oyunculara sunulan Producer APK’da yapımcı olarak rol alacak, kariyer yapacak ve kendi yıldızlarınızı yaratarak dünyanın dört bir yanında ses getireceksiniz. Yıldızlarınıza eğitimler de verebileceğiniz oyun içerisinde ortaya çıkan sorunları çözecek, fotoğraflar çekecek ve çeşitli etkinlikler de boy göstereceksiniz. Eğlenceli bir oynanış atmosferine sahip olan yapım 5 milyondan fazla kez indirildi.

Öncelikle oyun içerisinde stil etkinliklerinin yer aldığını ifade ederek oyunun nasıl oynandığından bahsetmek istiyoruz. Yapımcı ya da stilist olarak rol alacak olan oyuncular, oyuna giriş anından itibaren rengarenk içerikler ile karşılaşacaklar. Oyundaki amaç yarattığınız stiller ile yarışmalarda ve etkinlikler de başarılı olmak olacak. Kadın karakterleri giydirecek olan oyuncular, onlar için farklı kıyafetler satın alabilecek, aksesuarlar ile kombinler yapacak ve kısaca görsel bir şölen sunmaya çalışacaklar. Yarattıkları stiller ile çeşitli fotoğraf çekimlerinde de boy gösterecek olan oyuncular, bu alandaki yeteneklerini de dünyaya gösterme fırsatı elde edecekler. Oyunculara günlük olarak ödüller de sunan Producer APK, bu ödüller ile yeni içeriklere ulaşmanın da yolunu açmış oluyor.

İnternet bağlantısı gerektirmeden oynanabilen Producer APK, Android platformuna özel olarak yayınlandı. Simülasyon oyunları arasında yer alan yapım oyuncularına keyifli bir deneyim sunuyor. Her yaştan oyuncuya hitap eden yapım, Google Play üzerinde 5 milyondan fazla kez indirilmeyi başardı. Oyun oynanış olarak İngilizce dil desteğine sahip. İyi oyunlar dileriz.

Producer: Choose your Star v1.98 Mod APK Download for Android

Download Producer: Choose your Star v1.98 latest mod game/app 2022 for free. Apkmody.fun provides the best free Android MOD APK.

Producer: Choose your Star v1.98 Mod APK Download for Android

The spotlight has always had incredible magic. For people who don’t like popularity, standing on a big stage is a torture. But most of us don’t think so. In one way or another, everyone wants to be a celebrity, and wherever they go, people recognize them and ask for autographs. And to shorten the thorny road ahead, many people have chosen to look to reputable manufacturers. Producer: Choose your Star MOD APK will help you play the role of a cool producer, capable of turning anonymity into fame.

Become a producer, create your own star

Have you ever heard about showbiz? This is a luxurious and strange place, the dream of many people, but also the source of all complicated markets. To truly engage in the entertainment industry, regardless of your position, you must have a certain talent, a better-looking appearance, and a little luck with strong spirit to not flinch from a series of incidents that can fall from the sky at any time.

And to start everything, usually, artists have to start from big and small auditions or castings, then slowly become known by many people. The reputation from there also increases. This road is thornier than roses, tears more than joy. Even if you have overcome it, it is not certain that you will succeed and become famous. There are many factors that make up the position of an artist.

In short, to fully understand the process of engaging in showbiz, you just need to play an interactive simulation game Producer: Choose your Star.

In terms of ideas, Producer: Choose your Star is unique. The proof is the countless number of downloads while the interactive simulation gameplay is very classic. There is only one thing that brings this success, which is the compelling idea behind. In Producer: Choose your Star, you are a producer. You are the person behind the search, selection, investment, and development of the talent that has the potential to become a big star later. Not all your investments or choices will lead to the “the goose that laid the golden eggs”. That’s why you must work hard, invest properly, learn carefully about newbies, and handle different situations.

Being an aspiring artist is hard, but in Producer: Choose your Star, you’re also a producer, the person behind the career success of several celebrities. This job is certainly not easy.

Your job is to constantly find young talent through street tours, observe auditions, and cast from movie series, music shows… to select a few strong candidates that really have potential.

Once you have the girls, you must work hard to schedule training, and shapeshifting for them. In other words, you’ll embark on the careers of many different talents. You keep nurturing their talent by sending them to various competitions, performing with a few well-known artists, and holding huge press conferences. You are even the one to censor all the costumes for them, dress them up in luxurious outfits, or equip them with a professional support management team.

Of course, to do these things for the new talents, you will have to spend a lot of money and make constant use of your existing relationships. Initially you only start with a single talent, all investment stops at a basic level with limited head resources. But after this talent has certain successes, money begin to pour in. You have more resources to invest in finding new talent, while taking existing talent to the next level.

When playing Producer: Choose your Star, you can dial daily lucky numbers and receive rewards. Use these rewards to upgrade the skins area for the company’s artists.

There is an important note. When you start cooperating with a certain young talent, you and that person will sign a contract, as an artist-management company. In the process of training, developing, and supporting committed talent in showbiz, if things don’t go well, they can unilaterally stop the contract. Of course, there is always a fine for compensation from these individuals but from a company perspective, you, as a producer, will lose much more.

On the contrary, if you do well, both sides respect the rules of cooperation and fairness as originally committed, they become famous, then you will benefit a lot. This is also an extremely harsh reality in this industry. And that is the reason why producers and talent management companies have to constantly work to turn the situation around and bring more opportunities to their artists.

When playing the game, you also experience a series of exciting activities as a professional producer such as taking photos, styling artists to bring unexpected photos to the public, thereby create artist’s image and personality.

Or other times, you and your star participate in a certain program or event. Now you will act as the special guardian of hers as well as the person who gives experienced advice to young artists.

On the other hand, when there is a problem, an ethical crisis, a personal life, a professionalism directly or indirectly related to the company’s artists, you are also the one who “takes the lead”. Organize a press conference to make everything transparent, organize a fanclub meeting to correct misunderstandings. Everything is up to you.

In addition, there are also billions of odd things to do every day with the company’s artists such as: reminding habits, arranging interview schedules, participating in TV programs, and recruiting management staff to support and ensure the security of the artist.

Unlimited Money

The job of a real producer who is responsible for everything to manage a star is several times busier than that of the already famous star. They are not directly under pressure from public opinion and the community, but they are the ones behind to take care of everything, including the positive and negative aspects of the artist. Are you ready to enter showbiz with this special role? Play this game and find the answer yourself.

Producer: Choose your Star MOD APK 1.98 (Menu/Unlimited money)

Download hack Producer: Choose your Star mod producer and model management, training the most professional stars.

Producer: Choose your Star MOD APK 1.98 (Menu/Unlimited money)

A professional fashion designer and manufacturer. Producer: Choose your Star will be the place for you to unleash designs for models. Create beautiful pictures for girls, help them become famous stars. Step by step, building a personal brand through impressive catwalks. You will be the person behind supporting the model to complete the performances successfully, bringing up many new ideas, and training bright models.

Not the people present at the performances, contests. You will act as one of the producers, managing generations of models. The girls are new to the profession, ever experienced. All will be because you are the coach, teaching more professional skills. A person behind the scenes supports them, coming up with plans to help them stand out at events. From fashion, personal images will be taken by the players themselves. Producer: Choose your Star will be a place for you to live with your own passion. Lead and trained many generations of stars, present at many international events.

Each girl will have a different personality and interests. Players will need to work, learn carefully before collaborating. Bring out all the creativity, discover many new things through each character. Solve all related problems, fix problems that each model has. Choose the right outfit, making every girl when she comes out will shine. In charge of an important position, is the practical arm of every model. At the same time, it will also be a way for players to build a career and become talented producers.

A lot of girls will appear in Producer: Choose your Star. Players can choose their favorite person to step by step help them win at work. Start training from the most basic to advanced. So that when they step on the stage, they will be more prominent than ever. Sign more new cooperation contracts, receive more training schedules. Play in every event, accompany the models. Their success is also your effort. Take them to the heights of fame, completing every performance in exciting events. Help them get used to the environment of the showbiz world. Create a shining image for the star.

All model activity schedules will be in charge of the player. At the same time, the clothes they wear every day will also be up to you to choose. As a stylist, help them choose suitable fashion models. Because they also have different preferences and ways of dressing. Players must choose the right outfit when they appear at the performance, take pictures. Follow the current fashion trends, keep up with the latest trends. Make each star beautiful and attract all eyes. Constantly changing styles, let them be transformed with each modern fashion.

The workload of a producer will be a lot. You need to be responsible for many different tasks. Ensure the stars quickly become famous, have a solid position in their careers. Support, solve all problems for them when present in gameshows, fashion shows… Each participating event is also an opportunity for you to show your talent. Sign more contracts, be present at countless other events, and win many valuable prizes. Worthy of being a talented star producer and manager and bringing models to many competitions, performing on value international shows.

The role of the manager is essential and needs to deal with many different tasks. Step by step turns an inexperienced person into a famous model. Create many new stars, help the image builders become more and more professional, and shine everywhere. Holding the role of manager cum fashion designer, taking on many positions. Bring a series of stars to the peak of fame. Download Producer: Choose your Star mod to train models, build a perfect personal image.

Producer APK
Eşsiz kombinler tasarlamaya hazır olun. Producer APK da en iyi stilist olmaya çalışacağız.


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