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NC Lottery Official Mobile App Reviews 2022

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NC Lottery Official Mobile App Reviews 2022

By Stary19

Please fix the scanner

Everything is updated on our phone we have even spoken with Apple there’s nothing wrong with our phone we have contacted the lottery several times and then everything they’ve asked us and the scanner still does not work Please if there’s anyway to fix it we are unable to do anything with it it takes forever to scan one ticket and we’re missing out on being able to play Luckie rewards because of it. We find it hard to believe the North Carolina lottery cannot hire technical engineers that can fix this. Raleigh is flooded with engineers that could fit this in a minute. We believe that you owe it to those that support of a hurry to have a efficiently running app. We are all missing out on being able to play games or scan our tickets because of this why did you have to change anything when it was working perfectly fine before. Thanks 🤬

By Rheneas1

Not user friendly

This app was updated/replaced in October 2019. They removed the option to extend a subscription. Without a way to effective-date a purchase, you have to remember to go back in and buy a new block of tickets. There is an auto-renew option that buys new tickets automatically, which requires a debit card – no way to use funds already in your account (Why even have a wallet/funding option!). And the history is only last two weeks or month by month, requiring you to perform multiple history inquiries to find a transaction (purchase or win) for a date you might not remember. A past 12 months (or even 6 months) option would solve this. Would also be nice if it supported Face ID/thumbprint login. In a nutshell, this app is pretty rudimentary and leaves a lot to be desired.

By Buckshot722

Not Easy to Use

This app is very difficult to use. 1) There needs to be a Touch ID sign on option. 2) Winning funds should be available to use to purchase new tickets vs into a hidden account that can only be withdrawn. 3) There should be one place where you can see all transactional data. 4) I have used the Chat function several times, mostly only to be timed out and have to sign back in and restart. 5) I have yet to find something that the Chat function can help with without getting told they will have someone email me to then tell me to call the 800 number 6) Each Chat session should not require the extensive verification process (Name, Address, DOB, Last 4 of SSN, DL #) since I have signed in and only asking where I can find $4 in winnings.

By brooksflow

Terrible App

You’d think with all the money that the NC lottery generates that they’d come up with a decent app. All I wanted to do was to scan a few tickets to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I guess you’re required to sign up b/c of the age restrictions on the lottery and potential tax implications? I don’t know but it’s a pain. I just wanted to check some tickets. We don’t even play but once a year when we exchange tickets/scratch-offs as stocking stuffers. It doesn’t keep you signed in, there’s no Touch ID, and navigating the app is overly complicated. Simplify it. Remove games that aren’t playable/purchased through the app and just have them under a separate info section with rules, odds, and instructions. Allow folks to check numbers without logging in. Plus the app is called “NCEL”. I know I’m not the only one that finds that funny.

By peterpilot379

Better but needs work

This updated app is better than the previous app but it still needs work. Scan feature is much better. There’s a lot of stuff in this app. So much so it can be difficult to navigate through it. My two biggest gripes are having to login every single time. The multiplayer steps to login is annoying. Please change this. Secondly, I don’t like the $5 minimum purchase. If I just want to buy one cash five ticket for one draw, I can’t. The minimum purchase forces you to perhaps play more than you intended.

By misspowers

So many problems…..

This app has so much that needs to be done in order to get a good rating. I used to be able to scan scratch offs and get points for that to use with Lucke and that seems to have virtually disappeared. I don’t feel comfortable that if you buy games like the powerball, cash 5 or other games that you can’t see the numbers for each transaction. It makes you wonder did you really win more? And how could you ever prove you won when you can’t see the numbers from the tickets? I think I’m going to stick to playing games where I can get a physical ticket. NC Lottery – please change this to allow people to view the numbers for tickets purchased. You must understand how sketchy it comes off not being able to see that information……:

By FedUpWithBogusApps

Bogus Bogus Bogus

Does this app really work? I have noticed reviews on how folks are questioning the authenticity of the numbers this app produces. I myself have along side others have used this app for years. Some folks have possibly spent over $1000’s on numbers and the winnings are under $100. Folks really need to know that this app may actually be a ripoff of some sort. Don’t know about anyone else, but I would like proof of how many people actually won the lottery by using this app. Folks need to know and it is considered PUBLIC information. Most wins are from folks going into the store to purchase tickets. Y’all look closely and do the math. Stop using this app until they show proof! These numbers I feel are bogus. Show some proof. The public would like to know.

By Tired of it….

Scanner and update not working!

Looks like your engineers would test the site out before you make any changes or updates that don’t work worth a hoot. This happens Every Time you change something. Makes no sense whatsoever. I, might could of seen this happening when you first took over from Scientific Games a few years back, and it really shouldn’t happen then either. Looks like to me you need to hire some engineers that know what their doing… This, is not right for us as consumers that help you have a paycheck. This is very unacceptable to make us suffer. You guys need to get your ducks in a row NOW. If, I had my way about it I would have already reverted this contract back to Scientific Games long ago.

By OwnedbyCow

Stop breaking the app

With every update things get moved to weird places to where it’s highly unintuitive and inconvenient to be able to check anything.I’ve went through not being able to scan tickets for about a year at one point. And now the problem is back. And if you try to scan the ticket multiple times while it won’t work, it will lock you out of being able to do manual entry as well.I still can’t deposit any money into my account and I contacted them a few times and they said I didn’t put my card info in correctly. It used to work. I’ve tried reinputting my info for that card 100+ times. My bank is not the one declining the transaction.

By Jscreed

This app does not work for me.

I have an Apple IPad and I have not been able to get on the site because it’s telling me that my location cannot be verified. I have talked with support and they are telling me that Apple does not support the app and could give me little information. I was told to turn location on in the app and the device. Also said I had to clear cookies in cashe. Nothing worked. Was told to try another device which I only have Apple phone and IPad and was not possible because I don’t have another device. Old app worked fine. This is a bad app that needs to be fixed ASAP. In the meantime I will delete it. Too bad! Previous version worked just fine! Oh by the way you cant buy just one ticket!

By DTurnerOnly

Questioning the number of games???

With each update the NClottery application got a little more confusing. With the latest update the app is absolutely too confusing to even want to enter any of the lottery chances. I’ve talked to several others who have also deleted their accounts because of the latest changes and having to jump thru hoops just to enter. Someone needs to go back and adjust the application so that simple minded people could still scan their tickets and enter the games. I’ve scanned my scratch tickets and entered games for almost 4 years but this absolutely ridiculous and the lottery will never answer any question you may have. Someone needs to do a complete investigation into this

By Cvillesteph


I use this app almost daily or I TRY to use this app daily. Sometimes it scans tickets and works great then some days it doesn’t work at all.There’s also games and tasks you can complete to earn extra points. I’ve emailed several times over the last 2-3 years asking why the games NEVER work but the only answer I get is my app needs an update and to delete app and download again… still doesn’t work.And looking at the other reviews it looks like a lot of people are still having issues with this app but nobody ever responds. Shame!

By HawkFloki

Scanner is now trash and sign in to check???

Hey person who thought the “if we make the scanner horrible they will need to go in and have retail scan them and if they go in they will buy more tickets” … WRONG. WOW … and to make you actually go to a retailer while during a pandemic when you want to distance yourself from others too. Soon as unable to rid myself of my tickets that won. I WILL NEVER buy another ticket again until you make the scanner work normally again. I had a major problem when you “required” me to log in to even check my tickets. Now can’t even check my own tickets quickly like was able to prior. Very Disappointed.

By nate/ tay

Terrible app

This app has been awful for some time now. Since the recent update horrible, worse than before. It won’t scan tickets and if it does takes forever and shows incorrect results. It holds the last result and when you scan your next ticket shows previous ticket results. Some times for 3 or 4 tickets. Good thing I am a double or triple checker or would throw money away thinking I lost. I wonder how many people throw away a winning ticket because of this horrible mess with the app. It is so annoying I dread checkingMy tickets and may purchase less so not as much to verify. Please fix this for the better and not worse again.

By order

The scan feature didn’t work very well

I only got this to scan tickets but it would either not read the bar codes or say I had an invalid ticket. Don’t know how the rest of the features work, because I don’t have any intention of trying them. Just wanted to check tickets and it didn’t work.

By Flamingogirly

Second Chance Games disappeared

About a week or two ago, all the second chance games disappeared from the app. I have no way to check how many entries I have or when the drawings are. When I select “second chances“ from the menu options, it says “oops something went wrong!“ also, the banner at the top of the page says you’re supposed to get two free tickets every time you spend $10 on an Carolina Cash 5, but the app only awards you one free ticket. These are not small issues and they need to be fixed immediately.

By Ccmyplymat3

The app barely ever works.

Just to check a ticket I need to sign in. Every time I try to sign in lately. It keep saying Lucky rewards not available unable to sign in or retry. I have to try to sing in 3-4 times before it lets me. Then it says you already submitted this ticket for rewards when I know I haven’t. With all the money being spent on lottery you and the information being sent just to have on online account, you would think the app would be great. It makes me question how Secure my information is that I sent to them.

By Qwerty review

Support for Facial Recognition

When will you add support for logging into the app using facial recognition on the iPhone? If banks have supported this feature for years, there is no reason you can’t. Please add it to the next release!!!!BTW, the ticket scanning works MUCH better now. Add support for my request above and you will earn a 5 star review!

By WilliamRandallChillin

If the app ever worked it be great!

If the app ever worked it be great! Unfortunately it rarely ever works. If your trying to scan tickets good luck bc it rarely works. I can’t even sign into it right now. I login in and all I get is a blank white screen after entering my login info. I’m constantly deleting the app then reinstalling it hoping that it will work but it rarely does I even restart my phone. I keep my iPhone updated and all my apps as well so it’s for sure a 100% the app that’s the issue.

By Ryeiscool

Great app!!!

I love this app! It lets me scan my tickets from my phone and get the luck-e rewards points. Its fast and easy!! I have no regrets getting it. I entered my points into drawings and if you win you get notified by email! Its easy to use and makes things much easier!

Network issue takes down NC lottery websites

A network provider issue has made the websites for a number of state lotteries, including Powerball and Mega Millions, unavailable, according to a officials.

Network issue takes down NC lottery websites

NORTH CAROLINA (WECT) – A network provider issue has made the websites for a number of state lotteries, including Powerball and Mega Millions, unavailable, according to officials.

The websites are down as of 5 p.m. Friday.

All drawings for lottery games played in North Carolina have been held as scheduled.

“We regret that information players want has not been available to them where they expect to find it – on our website,” Alice Garland, the lottery’s executive director said. “We look forward to this being resolved as soon as possible.”

Until hosting is restored, winning numbers can be found by calling the lottery’s toll-free player customer service hotline at 877-962-7529.

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