First Strike 4.7.3 APK + MOD [Unlocked Superpowers/Weapons] Download

First Strike 4.7.3 APK + MOD [Unlocked Superpowers/Weapons] Download

First Strike MOD APK [Unlocked Superpowers/Weapons] is a strategy game that allows players to explore nuclear weapons and find ways to use it to serve their own purposes.

First Strike 4.7.3 APK + MOD [Unlocked Superpowers/Weapons] Download

First Strike MOD APK will allow players to become the leader of world power for the first time. This means that you have a powerful nuclear arsenal, enough to blow up any other country if you want. However, you are not the only country with nuclear weapons, so what happens next?

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Nuclear war is something that no one wants to happen at the moment. Despite possessing powerful nuclear weapons, the world’s major powers are not allowed to use them in any form. But in First Strike, everything was completely opposite, war broke out on a global scale.

This is the time when countries possessing nuclear weapons are ready to re-establish world order by flexing their muscles. It can be seen that the publisher Blindflug Studios AG has been very bold when exploiting the topic of nuclear weapons in the latest strategy game. By joining the game, you will have the opportunity to decide the fate of the world with nuclear weapons, but at the same time beware of other opponents. Download First Strike through Google Play or App Store to enjoy it now.

If you are a regular follower of news around the world, you will probably know about the appearance of nuclear weapons in some powerful defense powers. Yes, those are the major powers like the US, Russia, North Korea, Japan, China, and a few others. In First Strike, players will start by choosing for themselves a suitable country to develop nuclear weapons.

Whichever country you choose, your mission is simply to build atomic bombs, missiles, and nuclear weapons. From there, use successfully manufactured nuclear weapons to defeat other countries with smart strategies. Besides, you also need to ensure the safety of the people and yourself against strong counterattacks from the enemy. Moreover, some meteorites are hovering in space which is also a danger that you will face in the future.

First Strike is a multiplayer strategy game. So players will have the opportunity to fight alongside up to 9 opponents around the world in real-time. Remember that they represent strong defense powers, so even a small mistake can cost you dearly.

Basically, the game screen will appear as a simulated earth model. This is also the main interface for you to show off your smart tactics to defeat other opponents as quickly as possible. Accordingly, each person represents each country, you can link up with other players to fight the enemy together. Allies will not attack each other after signing the peace treaty. This is also a good diplomatic strategy to increase the victory rate.

There are many ways to develop nuclear weapons in First Strike. But first, players need to make sure to win as many battles as possible to collect valuable loot. Then use them to research and expand your own kernel options, including faster attack speed, greater destructive power, better scouting, automation, and more. Make the right upgrades to ensure that your nukes always evolve over time.

The next improvement of First Strike compared to the first part is the strongly upgraded AI system. As a result, players can deploy tactics more quickly instead of doing all manual operations like before. Each of your actions is decisive in destroying the opponent’s country. Therefore, constantly improve weapons and come up with the most effective tactics if you want to control the world in your own way.

First Strike owns a beautiful graphics platform thanks to the built-in 3D format. All the details in the game are described in a simplified form, which will help it reach a wider audience of players. The attack effects of nuclear weapons are also presented in a variety of bright colors and modern icons. Besides, the appearance of a diverse sound system also contributes to creating a lively feeling for players during the experience.

Step 1: Download First Strike (MOD Unlocked) version from

Step 2: Open unknown sources on your mobile device and give the app full access.

Step 3: Install the file.

Step 4: Wait for the installation to complete. Click on the icon available on the screen to play the game.

Nuclear weapons are destructive so choose your moves carefully in First Strike. Because it is a fragile little road, just one wrong decision is enough to erase a certain country on the world map. Whether you love peace or want to rule the world with large-scale wars, First Strike is a must-have opportunity to enter the nuclear war quickly.

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First Strike MOD super weapon unlocked 4.7.3 APK download free for android

First Strike MOD – This strategy is completely aimed at enslaving the entire planet with nuclear weapons, download the game and test your strength, are you able to capture the whole world? L

First Strike MOD super weapon unlocked 4.7.3 APK download free for android

Developer:Blindflug Studios AG



Size:98.9 Mb

Last Updated:08.09.2022

Last Version:4.7.3

First Strike MOD super weapon unlocked — Choose one of the powers and try to win the arms race. The 21st century is the age of progress, new technologies and incredible research, but throughout the day humanity has so many nuclear warheads that can turn the planet into a lifeless stone. In this strategy game you will try to choose one of the nuclear powers and project a huge nuclear cataclysm, will you be able to come out the winner in this war and gain power? Download the game and try to come out victorious in this war.

You will have several powers to choose from, as well as several development scenarios, allocate skill points skillfully, and make the right choices, otherwise one mistake could cost too many lives. Strengthen your military capabilities, build new nuclear warheads, and increase your influence in neighboring countries.

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