All Netflix secret codes to access hidden categories

Netflix secret codes: access the hidden categories

The complete list of Netflix secret codes updated to 2022 to access all movies and TV shows categories available on the streaming service for free

Netflix secret codes: access the hidden categories

Netflix is one of the streaming platforms with the most international presence. One of its main attractions is its extensive catalog of content, which includes a large number of its own shows and movies. This amount of content can make us take a long time to find what we are looking for. Fortunately, that is what secret codes are for.

Secret codes are combinations of numbers that let us access hidden categories. When a user enters Netflix, on the front page, we find some predetermined sections, starting with our personal recommendations. Other sections include award-winning movies, retro TV, action and adventure, and more.

Additionally, the menu located at the top of the interface has a category selector, where we can find categories such as comedies, documentaries, dramas, anime, and romance. These are the most common categories.

However, the extensive Netflix catalog encompasses all kinds of content that can be classified into other categories. These additional categories are found within the hidden categories, which are slightly more detailed or less popular ones.

To access the hidden categories, simply enter the following URL in your browser:[category code].

This trick is valid on smartphones and tablets, as well as on smart TV and PC, although it does not work in the Netflix app. Moreover, it can be used even if you are not subscribed to the platform.

The next step is to have a list of the codes to access the hidden Netflix categories. Below, we show you those sought-after codes that will open the most secret doors of the VOD platform.

There are other codes for more specific genres, actors, directors, decades, and other criteria. Some are:

➤Netflix: the list of codes to access hidden categories 🕹

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➤Netflix: the list of codes to access hidden categories 🕹

Do you know the secret codes of Netflix? The site has many hidden categories and subcategories that make it easier to find movies and series. You can access it using the list of codes that we present to you in this file. 

Like some of us on the team, are you addicted to the Netflix catalog? So, you have certainly sometimes been confronted with some difficulties to filter the films and series which interest you according to very precise criteria. Indeed, the streaming service is based on a very effective system of suggestions to recommend the contents that correspond to your inclinations. But if you are interested in a very specific category of films, it is not always easy to find your way around.

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Obviously, sometimes you want something else. A good big classic of the comedy, a small Italian film, or a good big American blockbuster featuring superheroes. It’s possible… with a little hacking!

To use the codes from this folder:

The code in question will give you access to all the great Western classics of the platform. Likewise, codes allow access to Christmas movies on Netflix or movies dedicated to Valentine’s Day.

To make it easier to find this long list, you can search for a specific term on the page by pressing Ctrl + F or Cmd + F on your keyboard. You will find the codes relating to the different categories of TV series at the end of the table. You will also find categories relating to certain actors, useful if you are looking for movies and series with your favorite actor / actress!

On Netflix, the categories are rather limited. In all, there are about fifteen categories to filter several thousand films. Difficult to navigate, especially when looking for something specific. Thereby, Netflix engineers have created little secret codes allowing access anyway to other categories and even to normally invisible sub-categories.

There is a series of codes for all genres of Netflix movies, but also for the series in the Netflix catalog. It is also interesting to note that codes for content suitable for anime from the Netflix catalog are available. You can even access movies and series by age group. Pretty cool isn’t it?

So if you want to enjoy it, or find your next series to download, use the list of top codes hidden above. There is an even more complete list, but then we have access to really very very precise filters. We are still talking about 27 categories and sub-categories available! You will find this list of secret codes here. Did you use any of these codes on a night when you were lost in the twists and turns of the VOD service? What are your favorite categories? Share your feedback in the comments.

The Best Netflix Secret Codes List to Unlock Hidden Categories

Netflix is packed with movies, TV shows, and documentaries. There’s more content than you’re probably aware of because it’s either locked under Netflix’s regional restrictions or hidden by its algorithm.

The Best Netflix Secret Codes List to Unlock Hidden Categories

Netflix is packed with movies, TV shows, and documentaries. There’s more content than you’re probably aware of because it’s either locked under Netflix’s regional restrictions or hidden by its algorithm.

While Netflix helps subscribers discover new shows and movies by using their clever algorithms, this sometimes backfires. Notice how Netflix starts recommending only content that is similar to what you’ve already watched. As a result, you might be missing out on a possible favorite show because it’s not part of the categories you’ve recently searched. 

Fortunately, there are hundreds of Netflix secret codes that you can use to filter and discover new content. These codes are also helpful when terms like “action” and “comedy” aren’t enough to help you browse the Netflix library.

In this article, you’ll learn about secret Netflix codes and how to use them.

Netflix codes are a series of numbers assigned to specific genres and subgenres to help categorize the content. You use them to quickly browse subgenres like “deep sea horror movies” and “movies for ages 5 to 7.”

Netflix gathered data on all its movies, documentaries, and TV series by analyzing their plots, story locations, endings, and even the main character’s job. This information was passed through algorithms that helped break down the content into hundreds of mini-genres. Finally, each mini-genre was assigned a secret code.

You can only use your desktop browser for Netflix secret codes. They don’t work via mobile apps or smart TV apps. Follow the steps below to use a secret Netflix code:

1. Open your favorite browser.

2. Sign in to your Netflix account.

3. Type into your web browser’s address bar and replace “secretcode” with an actual code from the list below and press Enter. For example, code 2125 will send you to the Military Action & Adventure category. Netflix will now recommend to you all the movies and TV shows tagged in this genre.

There are hundreds more hidden codes to try out, so here’s our full list of categories worth checking out. Just keep in mind that your location might prevent some of them from working due to Netflix’s regional restrictions.

Foreign Movies by Category (7462)

Foreign Movies by Country or Region

➤Netflix: secret codes to access hidden categories 🕹

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➤Netflix: secret codes to access hidden categories 🕹

An endless list of hidden categories on Netflix

Think you’ve seen it all on Netflix? Well know that the streaming giant allows its members to see different content classified in hidden categories, through secret codes.Since the start of containment, streaming services have been taken by storm by their usual customers and by new subscribers. Recently, Netflix announced that it had 15,8 million new subscribers on its platform during the first quarter of 2020.Read also: Netflix offers free access to some of its documentaries via YouTube

An endless list of hidden categories on Netflix

Netflix screenshotTo do this, simply log into your account and enter or copy this address followed by the code of the chosen category.For example, the URL, will allow you to access classic movies like Dirty Dancing, Jurassic Park, Forrest Gump, Les Evadés and many more.Without further ado, discover a selection of hidden categories (the full list of which can be found here):

All Netflix secret codes to access hidden categories

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